News 7-Nov-18:  Helen has finished teaching for the year and is busy building her new smaller studio. She visited Lockhart on her annual trip to the Galore Hill floral reserve. The drought is the worst she has seen in the 15 years of visiting the reserve and like all the surrounding country is suffering. Lets all hope for some rain to break the drought.

Ficifolia 1176a


Helen always has paintings on display at the Bungendore Wood Works Gallery

Helen's botanical, watercolour painting art videos (DVDs) 

Helen has nine (9) painting instructional DVDs for sale:

Botanical Illustration volume 1, volume 2 , volume 3 & volume 4

Painting Birds,  Holiday sketchbook, Landscape painting volume 1 & Coloured Pencils volume 1 & volume 2

Giclee prints on fine art paper of any of Helen’s work are available. Prices: A4 (A$75) and A3 (A$150) (plus postage to international destinations). Contact Helen by email to request a quote including postage.

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