25-Jul-14: Helen is painting again and planning some more teaching weekends for the Spring. 

Pardalotte in E ficifolia 1353

Helen's botanical & watercolour art courses for 2014

Exploring watercolour - weekend workshop  11-12 Oct

Painting Birds - weekend workshop  15 - 16 Nov

Helen's botanical, watercolour painting art videos (DVDs) 

Helen has 9 painting instructional DVDs for sale:

Botanical Illustration volume 1, volume 2 , volume 3 & volume 4

Painting Birds,  Holiday sketchbook, Landscape painting volume 1 & Coloured Pencils volume 1 & volume 2


Helen’s most recent exhibitions included: part of the group exhibition “Feathery things” at the Bungendore Woodworks Gallery May to June-14. She also sold all her works in Botanica 2014, Sydney Botanical Gardens.

Helen always has paintings on display at the Bungendore Wood Works Gallery

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